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Finema Logo.png

Ever since its inception in 2016, Finema has undertaken not only several iterations of research and development but also different variations of its logo. As the company’s competence in self-sovereign identity technology grows, so does the sophistication we put in the symbol that sits at the heart of our brand identity.

Finema Logo design.png

Therefore, A new logo that marks 2020 as the year the company has reached yet another level of maturity. Our core products rely on public-key cryptography based on elliptic curves. In general, its implementation varies by a number of aspects that those in charge of software architecture would have to specify, usually by choosing from a variety of established standards. Our choice involves the so-called secp256k1 domain parameters.

Finema Logo design 2.png

Plotting it yields the following elliptic curve: If we also draw two more of the same curve quadrupled in size and shift them around, we obtain an area that looks like the letter F: We would like to stylize this further by dividing the area into three parts. How should we specify the borders? Below is a sketch. we obtain the logomark, filled with three blue shades of our liking. Our logo has always been blue, and it remains so.

Finema Logo Design 3.png

As to the wordmark, we want it to be unassuming and not visually competing with the logomark. A grotesque sans-serif typeface is most appealing to us. We end up settling on Helvetica Now by Monotype, the latest modernized version of Helvetica. The letter E is made xi-like for a futuristic touch. The placement and other attributes, such as the height and tracking, of the wordmark are as defined here.

Finema Logo Design 4.png
Finema Logo Design 5.png
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