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Holiday Inn

Vana Nava Hua Hin

A newly opened family friendly hotel located in Hua HIn, the famous beach town in Thailand. The hotel interior design is the perfect mix of local fisherman village and modern colorful graphic representing the ocean. Our uniform designs was set to blend in with the interior and represents what the hotel stands for, family friendly beach hotel.


We wanted the outfits to be comfortable, breathable and easy to care for, therefore, we chose to utilize natural fiber for our design. We sorted out the finest linen in the market and ended up discovering Japanese, fine-woven, unbleached linen that matches our need.


The relaxed fit design signifies the relaxed holiday customer will experience at the hotel. The color palette used was natural fiber color along with indigo blue to match with the hotel interior material and color of wood and ocean blue.


To emphasize on the Hua-Hin fisherman village style, we sorted out a small local indigo tie-dye house in Hua-Hin to complete our production on the tie-dye design. An all natural indigo dye was applied on the fine grade linen with different tie-dye design for different worker position.


We are proud to say that these uniforms are made of fine natural fiber, finish with natural dyes, locally made and comfortable to wear. They are great representatives of the hotel holiday vibe.

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