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Kang Ban Phe

Thai Seafood Cafe

Kang Ban Phe is a well renowned Thai Seafood Cafe. The restaurant is famous for their crayfish noodles, originated in Rayong province. Once they wanted to expand their expertise in seafood to Bangkok, we had the chance to design their uniform branding.


The first branch was set to open in Siam Center, where all the hip restaurants are happening. With expected customers to be tourists and younger generations, our team decided on a hip street style with a touch of fishermen village items.


The brand position for Kang Ban Phe was set to be a modernized Thai seafood cafe, attractive for office workers, tourists, and younger generation.


We explored options from young street style to beachwear to fisherman outfit, along with discussing the outcome Kang Ban Phe was expecting. In the end, we came up with six options; some more relaxed, some more fashionable.


In the end, we agreed on a relaxed pair of jeans with a long-sleeve crew neck t-shirt that seems very hip and casual, and finished the whole look with an apron inspired by fisherman’s pants made of grey dyed jean fabric. The apron seems simple with a folded tied front just as fisherman’s pants or “Lay Pants”. The jean fabric used makes the apron not too beach-y, but the perfect mix of streetwear and fisherman’s pants, along with being durable for years to come.

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